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Supporting Children worldwide

Jesus is the way intl ministry is a 501C3 Public Charity recognized by the US IRS.  We are a Bible based ministry that follows the writing in the 1611 King James Bible as our base.  We use other versions to gain a clearer understanding of the meaning of the message included in the written word.  We use all of the funds received to provide for the care for the children.  We hope and pray that as you follow us here and like our facebook page that you will pray for us and join us in our vision for the children in Bongama Kenya,  San Salvado El Salvador, Chirunga, Zambia, Metro St Louis, MO USA, and Logos Nigeria.  May God bless you to be safe, stay alert and stay present.

Please help the children in Nepal

We currently need help in our mission to Nepal November 6-16, 2017 we are in need of your help.  It is a medical mission.  We are going to carry new and gently used shoes, socks, and toys for the children along with bubble gum, suckers, and balloons.  We have the items we need with the exception of our fees to go and to carry the items please help us we need 5000 to cover airfare, lodging, and transportation.  Please consider making a donation today any amount will help with the mission.  Please pray to help us and pray for us as we go.  We will be also teaching the children Bible stories and songs along with some crafts.  Thank you and may God bless you. You may make a donation here on our page or at  You may also mail your donations to Jesus is the Way Intl Ministry P.O. Box 273 Ofallon MO 63366.  We are available for speaking engagements please email me reverend.karen@ or call 636-364-4004.

The monsoon floods which hit the area of Nepal in June through August left the area with many children who are without basic needs.  The average income is $100 USD per month.  It is one of the poorest countries in the world.  The children are the most vulnerable because there is no one to speak for them.  Many of the children turn to glue sniffing and to shut down the hunger that is a constant companion.  Please donate to help us to help just one child with your donation of $10 we can make a difference in the life of a child in Nepal.  To schedule Dr. Karen to speak to your group or organization please email reverend.karen@ or call 314-504-1388.  

There are over million children worldwide who are considered street children and they are also known as barefooted as many of them do not have shoes. They live on the streets and sleep on park benches, under bridges, and in many other locations.  You would not normally see them unless you were looking for them as they are among us but not seen.  They are the children begging for money and in the USA they are mostly in warm climates.

Our mission Programs for 2017

Taking shoes, toys and God's word to the children please help

Seven villages  the Lempa River

Join us to go and take shoes and other items to the children we are planning to go in October 2017 we need the airfare and lodging cost is $3000.  Please donate today.  'To schedule us for a speaking engagement email

sending boxes for the children to Eygpt

Will you help us to send packages to the children in Eygpt that are refugees from Syria.  Eygpt has taken in quite a few and we have been collecting items shoes and toys for the children.  As well as dress shirts and ties for the male labourers and scarfs for the female labourers of God's word.  Any size donation will help.  Please use our donate button to make a donation

Rev. Dr. Karen Wells, founder

Good afternoon,  To God be the glory!  Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read our page. We are a ministry devoted to the children of several countries including my home country the USA.  We help children who have been abandoned by Aids, Proverty, War, disease and now famine.  Children in the Nigeria are continuing to starve to death due to terrorist and other conditions.  Please help us as we partner with local misisons to help these children in some small way.  You may say I only have $1,5 0r 10 what difference will that make well it will make a difference to the child who is able to eat or put on a pari of shoes or play with a doll or a truck when we all pull together we can make a great difference in the life of a child.  Contact us at 636-364-4004 or email

Thank you for your service

God's word to the children

Me and the Children

Our mission is to share the gospel Jesus Christ with people around the world and to assist with children who are in need of care in Kenya, El Salavador, Eygpt and Nigeria.


We need your assistance in to fulfill our assignment in the earth will you please pray, donate or go with us.  We are going to be traveling around the USA talking with people about our mission.  Please contact us if you would like to join us.  

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